About LightBox 

LightBox is a market-leading decision platform that provides an optimized workflow, integration of critical data, and the use of GIS location intelligence to support successful decision-making across real estate lending, investment sales, appraisals, debt capital markets, property development, environmental engineering, and GIS analysis.

My Role 

As a member of the UX design team, our task was to design a comprehensive commercial real estate platform that provides property data to assist buyers and brokers in making well-informed decisions. To achieve this, we collaborated closely with product owners to understand the requirements of different user groups and utilized the LightBox design system to create designs that maintain consistency across the platform's features and workflows. We also worked closely with the engineering team to ensure the technical feasibility of the platform design.


If you're interested in learning more and would like to see samples of my UX design work at LightBox. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me through LinkedIn or email!

Email: chystudio.tw@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Chun-Hsiang Yang (Jeffrey)