UX/UI Design

Commercial Real Estate Platform

An all-in-one platform that provides comprehensive property data, enabling buyers and brokers to identify high-potential properties and make informed purchasing decisions.


UI Design

Automotive Digital Dashboard

Automotive digital dashboard concept for a sports car. Click learn more to watch the concept in action.


UX/UI Design

Interactive Display with Saunders

An interactive display that educates visitors and creating interest in the Saunders School of Business. Work as part of a team to take into consideration business goals, development limitations, and existing design standards.


UX/UI Design

Augmented Reality Emergency System

An interactive augmented reality system that provides real-time information in emergency situations as well as guided escape routes. Specific instructions help to remove the decision-making process from panicked victims who may not be able to think rationally.


UX/UI Design

Food Ordering App

Kura Sushi is a Rochester local sushi restaurant specialize in authentic and modern Japanese cuisine. Kura Sushi targets customers like students, commuters, or families who want to bring fresh food home.


UX/UI Design


Party Planner is a party calculator app that helps users to feel confident when planning parties and purchasing alcohol.


UX/UI Design


AudioNote provides a convenient way to record and transcript the audio they heard whenever the users want.


UX/UI Design


EZfit allows users to follow their customized workout plan with ease and be more motivated by receiving rewards.

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