Total Wine

Timeline / Year

8 Weeks / Fall 2019


UX/UI, Research, Motion


Adobe Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Figma


A planner tool for party hosts to purchase alcohol with confidence. Party Planner helps users to purchase the correct type and quantity of alcohol products in order to make their party a success.


Party planners have difficulty planning parties due to a lack of confidence in whether they are purchasing the right type and quantity of alcohol.


A party planning app that helps users plan a party with confidence through a convenient party calculator, recommendations based on user needs, and increased confidence through a return option for unopened products.


For this project, I worked with Total Wine to design an app that solves the problem of how to make the entire process of purchasing alcohol easy for customers. I decided to solve this problem by designing an app to help users host and plan a party with confidence.


My two key goals of this project are:


Help users to figure out what type and quantity of alcohol they need when planning a party and give them recommendations on the next steps they can take.

2. Peace of mind

Put users at ease by making the planning process as easy as possible and giving them confidence in their purchases even after payment.



Tod Fu

First Time Host

Tod wants to host a party to celebrate his promotion. This is his first time hosting a party and he wants to impress his friends. However, he does not know where to begin when it comes to purchasing drinks and finding food that pairs well with those drinks.

Helpful tool

Party Calculator

A simple party calculator that uses the number of guests and party duration to tell users what quantity of each type of drink they should get.

Pair with ease

Food Pairing

Whenever users are shopping or planning a party, they can check what kind of foods pair well with the drink they are looking at.

Plan like a pro

Quick Planner

Theme based parties that provide alcohol package recommendations for purchase, helping users to quickly plan and purchase alcohol for a party.

Bought too much? Don't Worry!

Return Function

The return option boosts users' confidence when purchasing alcohol for a party by giving users the option to return unopened products. This helps to alleviate worry about being stuck with too many leftover drinks after a party.

The QR code is designed to make the return process easier while also making sure that the products are unopened in order to avoid any return issues.

Competitive Analysis

At the beginning of my process, I analyzed three different alcohol retailer apps. I quickly discovered that they are unsuccessful in helping users to make decisions and purchases when hosting a party.

  • Current apps provide basic information, popularity stats, and reviews for different types of alcohol. It would be helpful if they provided ideas, recommendations, and guidance on the amount of alcohol to purchase.
  • Food pairing options don't give users a lot of flexibility because they usually ask users to first find a food option before finding alcohol to pair the food with. Users who want to make decisions based on alcohol have difficulty finding food that pairs well with the alcohol.


I conducted a survey with 20 people and found that:

More than 50% of people find that determining the correct amount of alcohol to purchase for a party is the most difficult step in the process.

50% of people would feel more confident if they knew they had the option to return extras after a party.



In this survey, I discovered that purchasing the correct quantity of alcohol and giving users the option to return extras can boost confidence when it comes to purchasing alcohol for a party.

Return Function

The return function boosts users' confidence when purchasing alcohol by allowing them to return leftover or extra items.

During a discussion with the Total Wine design team, they pointed out that customers can only return products that are unopened. In the past, they have had issues with users returning products that have been opened or tampered with.

To prevent that, I developed the idea of putting a QR code seal onto the bottle label. If the QR code seal is damaged, the product cannot be returned. Users can conveniently scan the QR code to begin the return process.


User Flow


The diagram below shows the user flow for an existing user who wants to plan a successful party for the first time with confidence.


Structuring the Contents

After determining the user flow, I sketched out ideas for the major features: party calculator, food pairing, quick planner and return function.


Final Design


Party Planner is a party calculator app that helps users to feel confident when planning parties and purchasing alcohol.

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